Since 1993 our partner in Spain, CeeLink Export Spain is in charge for keeping us informed about the existing major offers with Rent a Car, car manufacturers and dealers in the Peninsula and in the Balearic and Canary Islands. You, may have a supplier in Spain, but he might found it tedious to know what really exists in Spain to sell. Note that is a market of 500.00 Rent A Car vehicles a year.

We also know the companies procedures and bureaucracy of the Spanish administration with what we are comfortable with the vehicles delivery times, documentation and maintenance books.

We have the best prices for transport vehicles hired directly from Spain to be much more economical and functional.

In Spain we have German and Spanish native staff who will serve in German, English, Spanish and French. . If you request it, we will take you to see the cars without comunication being a difficulty.

If you do not want to travel, we will send a report of photos where you can see the general and specific status of each vehicle. We can also hire a damage expertise report through DEKRA SPAIN with the damage assessment.

Give us a try and verify what its said.


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