LinkCee GmbH: Who we are

LinkCee GmbH. is a car export provider, offering a customized service to each customer.

Need a “real” Audi, a limited Seat or an overseas Dodge? We can find it for you! Need a special edition, colouring or unique feature? We can place production orders for you and keep you up to date throughout the process. In the last few years, we have managed to enjoy steady growth, always trying to offer the best and most suited service for each customer.
We have had substantial exports to the Middle East and rest of Europe, obtaining very good results and satisfactorily gaining a presence in these markets. Our customers, which are our most valuable part of this company, makes us who we are and we ensure that they are treated as well as they deserve by all our employees.
From our company, we will be direct, honest and offer all the customizations you request.

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