By Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

This entire reference advisor will remove darkness from your figuring out of the outdated testomony and the gospels via studying nearly each position in Israel on the subject of biblical occasions and issues and learning Jewish background, specifically the background of the country of Israel. a brand new layout makes this research consultant an outstanding touring significant other on all Israel excursions in addition to an important source for any believer's ongoing learn. As an extra bonus, we now have integrated info on Jordan. This revised version comprises an replace at the present kingdom of Israel (since 2008), bright new paintings together with the canopy and bankruptcy heading pages, a word list, topic index and scriptural index.

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“This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah
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things aren't referred to as to brain, nor will
they arise into the guts. ’”
—Isaiah 65:13, 17; additionally see 2 Peter three

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Home of Jephthah, one of the judges of Israel - Judges 11:1; 12:7 16. Ephraim defeated here under Jephthah - Judges 12:4-7 17. Participated in the Anti-Benjaminite War - Judges 20:1 18. Part of the Saul and Jonathan Philistine War - I Samuel 13:7 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. THE HILL COUNTRY OF THE AMORITES Page | 27 19. Saul’s body was brought here and burned and the bones buried - I Samuel 31:11-13 20. Ishbosheth ruled over the northern tribes of Israel from here - II Samuel 2:810 21. The war between David and Absalom occurred here - II Samuel 17:24-19:10 22.

Border between the Crusaders and the Moslems 6. In 1799, Napoleon blocked this bridge to keep reinforcements from reaching Acco 7. During World War I the defeat of the Turks at this bridge opened up the way to take Damascus 8. During World War II the Vichy French were crushed at this bridge 9. One of the bridges destroyed by the Haganah in the “Night of the Bridges Campaign” in June 1946 Page | 44 ISRAEL: THE SPECIFIC PLACES 10. In 1948, it became the border point between Israel and Syria 11. During the Six-Day War, it was one of the entrance points by which Israel entered Syria BETAR (BATTIR) 1.

The Upper City is Israelite (1) The fort was built by Solomon - The walls measure 180 feet long and 164 feet wide (2) The fort was rebuilt by Jehoshaphat - II Chronicles 19:4 (3) The water tunnel was built by Jehoash - II Kings 12:1-18; II Chronicles 24:13-26 (4) Rebuilt by Uzziah - II Chronicles 26:10 (5) Rebuilt by Jotham - II Chronicles 27:4 (6) It was destroyed under Ahaz by Edom - II Chronicles 28:17 (7) Rebuilt by Hezekiah - II Chronicles 32:1-3 (8) Rebuilt by Josiah - II Chronicles 34:6 (9) Final destruction by Nebuchadnezzar 10.

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