By Naomi Rich

At fourteen, Alis hasn't ever been outdoors her strict non secular group. but if her mom and dad organize for her to marry a forty-year-old guy, she flees desperately to the damaging, unexpected urban. She learns quick that the single method to continue to exist there's to turn into a thief—or worse. dealing with an most unlikely selection among a compelled marriage or lifestyles at the streets, Alis seizes regulate of her personal destiny. however the course she chooses units off a disastrous chain of occasions that depart her accused of homicide. Steadfastly unswerving, Alis needs to make a decision: will she betray a family member or sacrifice herself?

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New World Translation of The HOLY SCRIPTURES

“This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah
[הוהי ,YHWH] says: ‘ . . . glance! i'm developing new
heavens and a brand new earth; and the former
things aren't known as to brain, nor will
they arise into the center. ’”
—Isaiah 65:13, 17; additionally see 2 Peter three

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The decision gave her hope and calmed the terror that had engulfed her the night before. In the meantime she knew she must not give any hint of her intention. Her mother must think that she repented of her rebelliousness, or a watch would be kept on her. She might even be locked up if it was thought she meant to run away. Miserably she realized she could not even tell her closest friend. Elzbet would never deliberately betray a secret, but she would find it impossible to behave as usual and pretend that she knew nothing.

You? Why would you want to go to the city? ” There were sounds of movement and voices beyond the kitchen door. Desperately, for she feared missing her chance, she grabbed his hand. “You must tell me, Luke. Promise me that you will. I have good reason, I assure you. I will explain. ” He looked at her in amazement. She was gripping his hand so hard that it hurt. ” Her eyes were blazing and her cheeks were flushed. He could not refuse. ” At that moment the kitchen door opened and Mistress Elizabeth appeared.

Sarah’s tearful disposition was no longer a mystery; Alis was afraid of him herself, especially when she thought of what he might do if he knew she planned to defy her parents and Minister to run away to the city. And yet he hated Galin. For a moment she longed to be back at home with her mother and father, before that dreadful day when her world had changed forever, before she had lost faith in her parents’ love for her. The tears rose in her eyes, but she wiped them away hurriedly. It was no good wishing for the past.

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