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1974, 6, 57; P. CrabM, Ger. , 1974, 81, 25191); G. Manuel, G. Cauquy, and P. Mazerolles, Syn. React. Inorg. Metal-Org. , 1974,4, 143. '')' R. W. Hoffmann, W. Lilienblum, and B. Dittrich, Chem. , 1974, 107. 3395. 201 Halogenocarbenes formed in the thermal decomposition of polyhalogenomethanes at 500--650°C can be trapped by cyclopentene and cyclohexene. 202 The thermal decomposition of CCl,SiF, in the vapour phase at 140°C in the presence of olefins leads to high yields of the corresponding gem-dichlorocyclopropanes, and an almost quantitative breakdown of the silane into dichlorocarbene and ClSiF, is inferred.

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