By V.A. Lefebvre

In this publication moral platforms are defined within the language of arithmetic. quite often arithmetic is believed to be a technological know-how of volume. certainly, manipulation of amounts constitutes a lot of arithmetic. easy utilized arithmetic bargains with reckoning and size, the place concrete amounts are items of cognizance, reminiscent of counting sheep or weighing corno however the operations on those amounts are played with the aid of symbols, from which concrete referents were 'abstracted out': three + five = eight whether the symbols stand for numbers of sheep or hundreds corno hence, the 1st precept that indicates the ability of arithmetic is abstraction. it really is one ofthe 3 pillars on which the edifice of arithmetic rests. one other pillar is precision. generally, guy communicates through phrases. W ords serve conversation to the level that they seek advice from issues, occasions, states of affairs, emotions of the speaker, and so forth. those are the meanings attributed to phrases. conversation is winning to the level that the meanings coded upon phrases through the speaker correspond to the meanings decoded by means of the hearer. As is weH recognized, the measure ofthis correspondence varies drastically in several contexts of discourse and with the again­ grounds or attitudes of the audio system and hearers. arithmetic is a language during which the meanings ofthe symbols (the 'words' ofthis language) are totally distinctive. This precision is accomplished through abstraction. summary phrases are outlined by way of their kin to different phrases and through not anything else.

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Structure of an individual who doubts the correctness of bis image of his partner. , ab out the correctness of B 3 == 6. Similarly let us consider an individual aoll . 2) Reasoning formally, we can say that A has a correct image ofhimself, but he sees himself as having an incorrect image of himself. Individual A sees that his 'image of A' differs from the 'real A', so A doubts the correctness of his image of himself. Let us analyze an individual aab + b . 3) From A's point o( view the real Band A's image of B coincide with each other.

7 Two-tailed confidential interval for p=95% Data from a study comparing Soviet and American attitudes toward ethical compromise and ethical confrontation. , - 0 0 Z ('l t""' > == 0 8 CHAPTER I group reflects compromise between 'good' and 'evil', the second confrontation between 'good' and 'evil'. The subject has to point out to wh at extent he agrees or disagrees with each statement. 1. We can see that Soviet and American subjects respond in dramatically different ways. Soviets evaluate positively statements reflecting compromise; Americans evaluate them negatively.

The following chapters are devoted to the study of these structures. CHAPTER VI A FORMAL REPRESENT A nON OF DOUBTS AND FEELINGS Consider an individual A 1=- aab+b . 1) Al sees his partner B 2 == b; in addition, Al sees hirnself seeing B 3 == 5. Thus, a partner exists in Al's inner world in two roles: as 'reality' (B 2 ) and as an image or a model of this reality (B 3 ). Al can see that his image B 3 differs from the 'reality' B 2 • Tbis is a structure where an individual can say, 'I am mistaken'.

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