By P.T.N. Spencer-Phillips, U. Gisi, A. Lebeda

P. T. N. SPENCER-PHILLIPS Co-ordinator, Downy mold operating workforce of the overseas Society for Plant Pathology college of the West of britain, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY, united kingdom e mail: it's a very nice privilege to jot down the preface to the 1st professional e-book on downy mildews because the significant paintings edited via D. M. Spencer in 1981. the belief for the current e-book arose from the Downy mold Workshop on the foreign Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) held in Edinburgh in August 1998. Our purpose was once to ask experiences on chosen elements of downy mold biology from overseas professionals, and hyperlink those to a chain of comparable brief contributions reporting new facts. No try out has been made to hide the breadth of downy mould learn, yet we are hoping that extra subject matters can be incorporated in destiny volumes, in order that this turns into the 1st of a chain following the 5 yr ICPP cycle.

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For advanced herbs, Phytophthora arrived. 8. Angiosperm coevolution with animals and fungi Animal nutrition forms an essential corollary to this hypothesis of DM coevolution with angiosperms. The coevolution of angiosperms with animals through seed dispersal, pollination and grazing (see Hughes, 1973, 1976) is intimately linked to the evolutionary development of secondary metabolites by angiosperms; species/specific relationships are well-known. Similarly, fungal/root symbioses should be considered.

The stimulus to parasitic diversification of Albugo may also have been the tectonic changes at the Cretaceous boundary. 5. ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE It is not a coincidence nor is there a causal correlation that the occurrence of DM parasitism and the plants cultivated for food have depended on the production of secondary metabolites. The high levels of essential oils, mustard oils, and other secondary metabolites, that enhance the economic importance of crop plants in these taxa have rendered the plants vulnerable to the enzyme capacities and nutritional requirements of the DMs.

EVOLUTION OF THE DOWNY MILDEWS 21 TABLE 3, continued. 1899-1901 cytology of DM oosporogenesis by Stevens and others (summarized with illustrations in Lotsy, 1907, see Dick & Win-Tin, 1973) 1902 1903 subgenus Peronoplasmopara Berl. described (Berlese, 1897-1902, type species P. cubensis) Cucurbit DM disease in Europe 1903 Kawakamia Miyabe described (Miyabe and Kawakami, 1903; type species K. ] cyperi [holotype] [group III]) 1903 Pseudoperonospora Rostovsev described (Rostowzow, 1903; type species P.

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