By James BeauSeigneur

"BeauSeigneur concludes his strong epic of man's final future and its inextricable ties to Christopher Goodman--the a twin of Jesus Christ. "[A] positive mixture of clinical, political, and spiritual knowledge."
—Charles Sheffield

FORETOLD within the BIBLE: nuclear wars. 3 asteroids. Demonic insanity. Into this, a savior will upward push, cloned from Christ. It's no longer fiction. It's prophecy. it's the sunrise of the hot Age. After six millennia of stagnation, humanity stands on the point of its ultimate nice evolutionary step. however it is a step that has come at large rate. part the world's inhabitants is useless. The Pacific Ocean is barren. The forests of North and South the USA are a charred wilderness. vital the US has been lowered to rubble. The planet's survivors face a primary selection: stick with Christopher Goodman, the Messiah of the hot Age and identical to Jesus Christ, or grasp to the very worldview and the God who has wrought this destruction.

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