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PRIMARY AMENORRHOEA The usual treatment for amblyopia due to squint is patching (covering up the good eye to force the deviating eye to function properly). Surgery to place the deviating eye in the correct position may be necessary. Glasses may be needed to correct severe focusing errors. Cataracts may be removed surgically. After the age of eight, amblyopia cannot usually be remedied. The main cause of primary amenorrhoea is the delayed onset of puberty. The delay may not indicate a disorder but, rarely, may result from a disorder of the endocrine system, such as a pituitary tumour, hypothyroidism (underactivity of the thyroid gland), an adrenal tumour, or adrenal hyperplasia.

The cells produced are small and pale and have a reduced oxygencarrying capacity. Haemolytic anaemia This type includes all anaemias in which the rate of red-cell production is normal or high but in which the cells are destroyed at a much faster rate than normal. Megaloblastic anaemia A deficient supply of certain vitamins causes the bone marrow to produce red cells that are larger than normal; they also have a reduced oxygencarrying capacity. 39 A ANAEMIA, APLASTIC A difficulty on exercise, dizziness as a result of reduced oxygen reaching the brain, angina pectoris (chest pain due to impaired oxygen supply to the heart muscle), and palpitations as the heart works harder to compensate.

Tiny samples of allergens are placed on small discs and stuck to the skin with inert tape. The discs are removed after two days. 1 A reddened area of skin where a disc had been in contact denotes a positive reaction. Some reactions may take longer to appear. 2 31 ALLOGRAFT A people develop allergies, but about one person in eight seems to have an inherited predisposition to them (see atopy). reacts to prolonged contact with substances such as nickel, is the result of a Type IV hypersensitivity reaction.

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