By Tony Cliff

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Introduction by way of Paul Foot The autobiogrphy of the founding father of the Socialist employees social gathering who many give some thought to the only so much influential socialist innovative to have emerged in post-war Britain. It charts Cliff's notable improvement from an impoverished Palestine within the Nineteen Thirties, the place he was once motivated via the writing of Trotsky, to a disappointed Blairite Britain, the place he was once instrumental within the development of a mass-based progressive celebration up till his demise in April 2000.

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Archaeologies of the Future: The Desire Called Utopia and Other Science Fictions (Poetics of Social Forms)

In an age of globalization characterised by means of the dizzying applied sciences of the 1st global, and the social disintegration of the 3rd, is the concept that of utopia nonetheless significant? Archaeologies of the long run, Jameson's such a lot significant paintings for the reason that Postmodernism, Or, the Cultural common sense of overdue Capitalism, investigates the advance of this manner considering the fact that Thomas extra, and interrogates the services of utopian pondering in a post-Communist age.

The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx and His Followers

Thorstein Bunde Veblen, born Torsten Bunde Veblen (July 30, 1857 – August three, 1929) used to be an American economist and sociologist, and he turned a pacesetter of the so-called institutional economics circulate. along with his technical paintings he used to be a well-liked and witty critic of capitalism, as proven via his most sensible recognized publication the idea of the rest category (1899).

Will the Revolution Be Televised?: A Marxist Analysis of the Media

Why do television businesses produce The Apprentice and Dragon's Den, yet now not the way to be a Union Rep? Why does each information outlet suppose that once the inventory markets move up it's reliable for everybody? Why does virtually everybody on Eastenders personal a small company? Is it actual that the media are just giving humans what they need?

Jacobin, Issue 20: Up From Liberalism (Winter 2016)

Jacobin is a number one voice of the yank left, delivering socialist views on politics, economics, and tradition. The print journal is published quarterly and reaches over 15,000 subscribers, as well as an internet viewers of 700,000 a month.

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A t the first, in Jerusalem, a very large crowd turned up, probably nearly 1,000. The attraction was the MPs and not our party, which had only a few dozen members in the town. A t the end of the meeting the audience stood up to sing the Zionist national anthem, Hatikvah. Our party always refused to rise for this anthem but this time the leaders of the organisation did stand up, probably to hide the fact that the majority of the audience were to the right of us. Everybody on the platform stood up except for me.

T he Hebrew side ended, ‘Elect a strike committee on the basis of parity between Jews and Arabs’. As hardly any Arab worker could read Hebrew and very few Jews could read Arabic, the Stalinists were confident they could get away with it. One of our comrades approached a leading Arab mili­ tant and translated into Arabic the Hebrew side of the leaflet. The railwayman was really shocked, and after confirming the translation with someone else, he broke from the Stalinists and joined our group. Alas, throughout the long months and years, in spite of really great efforts on our part, the group continued to be minuscule.

Before travelling to England Chanie and I decided to get married, as her good South African passport could subsume my rotten British Protectorate of Palestine one, and make travel for me easier. We were penniless and my total worldly possessions were a pair of short trousers, a pair of shoes, a shirt and books. We had to apply to the rabbis, as there was no civil marriage. The first hurdle of many was for me to get a divorce from the fictitious marriage I had entered into ten years earlier to save a Jewish woman from Hitler’s Germany.

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