By Sirona Knight

Deals not only one yet thirteen interesting own tales from latest so much well-liked witches. Compiled and edited via Sirona Knight, a practising witch and famous Pagan writer, this exceptional booklet presents a lens into the internal global of witchcraft as 13 major Wiccan authors describe their religious trips through unique interviews. those thirteen women and men, together with Patricia Telesco, AJ Drew, Ambrose Hawk, girl Sabrina, Skye Alexander, Gerina Dunwich and Dorothy Morrison, clarify how they got here to stroll down the Wiccan course, sharing their insights, emotions, options, in addition to describing their life-changing reports. all of them come from assorted backgrounds, reside in numerous components of the realm, and perform diverse types of magick. This unique selection of religious trips offers a close-up look at the magickal global of witchcraft, which can result in multiplied information, empowerment, and a extra enriching lifestyles.

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We need to do some image-polishing. As Pagans, we cannot expect people to accept us as part of mainstream society unless we are out there doing things. We need to stay in touch with our government officials and find out what they are doing. We need to keep a check on how they are handling our lives. As Pagans, we need to express our displeasure when it’s necessary and we definitely need to vote. There is nothing that angers me more than that lackadaisical Pagan attitude. We need to pay attention or our rights are just going to fly right out the window.

We thought the image of a star, and when we looked at the photographic plate, the image of a star appeared. We thought of a circle and the image of a circle was there on the plate. This, as many of my experiences at Marcel’s lab did, permanently changed the way I view reality. From particles and waves to thought fields, everything is energy, from the simple to the complex and back again. Energy, and the fact that it can be influenced, acts as the basis of magick. For me, the Divine is an energy that is inherent in all things, animate or inanimate, which is why I call it Oneness.

It is a spiritual practice without the dogma that bogs down most religions. For me, this was one of its charms. I liked the open-ended concepts and practices, so I decided to be initiated. m. on Hellith’s Day, during the full Blood Moon, I was initiated. 35 A Witch Like Me Everything came together on the night of my initiation, but not without a few hitches. Earlier in the evening, I didn’t know if I was going make it to my own initiation when the drive train of the car I was riding in busted right off.

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