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The meat is cooking on the fire. The kangaroo is walking about on the spinifex plain. 19. Puluku ka yuwurrku_ karrimi. The bullock is standing in the scrub. 20. Nantuwu ka yarlu __ 21. Warlu ka rdaku __ karrimi. jankami. The horse is standing in the clearing. The fire is burning in the hole. WORD ORDER From listening to the different ways in which words can be ordered in sen­ tences 22-27 below you will see just how variable word order is in Warlpiri. Note, however, that the auxiliary word ka always follows the first word of the sentence, while the negative auxiliary kulaka can only be the first or sec­ ond word of the sentence.

Negative ending � � 0 -wangu can attach to all sorts of nominals as well as to verbs with a special ending to mean 'not X' or 'without X' where X is the word that -wangu is attached to. For example, ngurrju 'good', ngurrju-wangu 'not good'; karn ta 'a woman', karn ta-wangu 'not a woman', 'without a woman'. Listen for these types of expressions and try to use them yourself. � � � � Q � Q,ooooooooooo ooooooc:>ocx>000c:Xj 42 Part Four Go back and revise. 'DON'T KNOW' ANSWERS One often wants to answer a question by indicating that one doesn't have the information being asked for.

Watinya ka purlami? Yuwayi, wati ka purlami. Is the man shouting? Yes, the man is shouting. 16. Kurdunya ka pamkami? Lawa, kulaka kurdu parnkami. Is the child running? No, the child is not running. 1 7. Kamtanya ka wangkami? Lawa, kulaka kamta wangkami. Is the woman speaking? No, the woman isn't speaking. 18. Watinya ka purlami? Lawa, kulaka wati purlami. Is the man shouting? No, the man is not shouting. Determine the meaning of these sentences (answers are on page 194): 19. Kurdunya ka yulami?

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