By John Fante

This is a Portuguese translation of "The huge Hunger".

Livro inédito no Brasil do autor de Pergunte ao pó
Essas pérolas não publicadas foram descobertas pelo biógrafo do autor John Fante. São histórias divertidas, muitas sobre a infância de Fante, reunidas em um exemplar que inaugura o novo projeto gráfico da obra dele. Textos exemplares do estilo único e brilhante de John Fante, que vão agradar aos fãs do autor.

Nesta antologia inédita, John Fante, epítome da geração de autores imersos na contracultura norte-americana, desfila seus personagens costumeiros: imigrantes, escritores miseráveis, crianças travessas e incógnitos (extra)ordinários. Uma seleção póstuma, composta de tesouros literários da period pré-beatniks, que dá voz uma última vez aos pequenos, vagabundos e expatriados que habitam a obra de Fante.

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I told you—Mrs. ” Five Rebecca shooed Frank and Billy Lee out of the shop at sixthirty. They had been working hard. She’d been moving parts from one bench to another, listening for the phone to ring. She could be just as nonproductive at home. She hoisted Maurice onto her shoulder, locked the shop and headed up the hill. Once home, she plopped Moe on the bed, showered, changed clothes, reshelved a book on symbolism, marked her place in a paperback biography of Eliot. She puttered in the kitchen.

Rest. Try not to worry. He would call her the minute he knew more. Rebecca drove to Vintage & Classics. She parked in front of her shop and let herself in. She dropped her keys on the desk, disturbing Maurice, who was asleep in the in basket. The cat raised his head and meowed for attention. She obliged, then strode into the car shop, hopeful that her senior mechanics had made progress in her absence. Frank and Billy Lee were bent over the front left hub of a Phantom III. Frank cocked his head when the door opened.

Juanita waited on the doorstep, a warmly human spirit. She was clutching a thermos of coffee, biting her lip to keep from crying. Juanita had blossomed from the malnourished teenage runaway who’d come to the shop door, pregnant and begging for work. Walt had given her a job, paid the medical bills and provided Juanita with an uncritical haven. After she’d lost the baby, she kept house for him and finished high school, as he insisted. She would have still been living in his home with DANGEROUS CURVES / 41 Rebecca if she hadn’t fallen in love with Val Kearney.

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