By Vic DiCara

Over a decade of devoted study! Over a yr of writing and enhancing! With the benefits and tips of a swami , a babaji, and a Sanskrit student, Vic DiCara offers you the world's so much definitive, basic and entirely remarkable rationalization of the mythology and that means in the 27 stars of historic Indian astrology!

If you're an astrologer or partial to astrology, you may be remodeled through Vic's substantially transparent and simple motives of Sanskrit, Vedic mythology, and mastery of intuitive symbolism.

If you're a lover of India and her tradition, you are going to enjoy those deep revelations and infrequent expositions of general gods like Vishnu, not-so-familiar gods like Varuna, and approximately forgotten gods like Ajaikapat.

If you're a non secular seeker, you can find the starting place of the universe, the which means of lifestyles, and crucial clues within the everlasting quest for the "fountain of youth."

The a hundred and sixty pages of this ebook are abundantly replete with certain references and footnotes to fulfill the students between you. The publication is dripping with dramatic storytelling, jam-packed with philosophy as transparent and deep as a Himalayan lake, and accurately offers the superbly worthwhile astrological symbolism of the divine stars.


"Vic DiCara's exploration and definitive learn at the lunar mansions brings the primordial zodiac alive with the wealthy symbolism and sacred tales of Indian lore. we regularly fail to remember that the foundation of Vedic astrology will consistently be the paranormal mythology linked to Jyotish, the technology of sunshine. Mr. DiCara's tremendous textual content illuminates our course domestic to the divine via his deep realizing and the advantages of the gods and goddesses of historic India"

- Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
Psychologist, author and Vedic Astrologer

"27 Stars, 27 Gods is a superbly deep publication in regards to the fastened stars of Vedic astrology. it truly is good written and good researched, and is a transparent and stress-free learn! I hugely suggest it for everybody from astrologers to yogis and everybody in between."

- Juliana Swanson, RN
ACVA instructor, Jyotish Visharada & Kovid

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Thus Kṛṣṇa’s mother, Devakī is yet another incarnation of Aditi. The story behind Aditi becoming Devakī is also fascinating. It is told in Devī Bhāgavata (4): Aditi was the first wife of Kaśyapa, and she gave birth to the gods, headed by Indra. Her sister, Diti, the second wife, was jealous and asked Kaśyapa for children who would be equals to the gods. Thus eventually she gave birth to the anti-gods (“demons”). But Aditi became fearful and sent her child to destroy the first child in her sister’s womb.

Then various groups used various people as “calves,” and through those calves they got all they desired from the Earth. The first group to do so was the sages. They selected Bṛhaspati to become the calf, and through him obtained “milk” from the Earth in the form of mantras and hymns that would make the mind clean and pure. 7) tells how Bṛhaspati punished Indra, the king of the gods: Once, Indra was enjoying very opulently and luxuriantly in his regal assembly hall, surrounded by beautiful and influential admirers and his extremely beautiful queen.

You are the wise being who frees everyone from bondage to their habitual conditioning. ” The symbol of Maghā, a throne, is an image of inherited power. Indra, the king of the gods, seated on the throne of paradise is known as Maghavan. But it is the Pitṛ (ancestral spirits) who are the deities of Maghā – signifying that we inherit power from our ancestors. ” This literally indicates inheritance of power, career, fortune, and qualities (“DNA”). Such inheritance really comes as a result of efforts made in our previous births, so Maghā also indicates powers, qualities and abilities carried over from past lives.

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